James McElveen

Flying Tigers

Flying Tigers RCFlying Tigers promote, teach, practice and develop the Sport of Radio Control for the recreation of its current membership.-...

By James McElveen | Added October 2, 2014

Pocket Weather

Pocket Weather is like a Weather Hub for iPhone.Pocket Weather provides detailed weather information for your selected location designed...

By James McElveen | Added October 6, 2013

Homeland Security Advisory System

This application puts the Homeland Security Advisory System at the tip of your fingers. The Homeland Security Advisory System is designed...

By James McElveen | Added August 26, 2010


2.0 Released! Use camera to check angle of objects in the distance. This is great for: Utility workers Fence post Mail Box Deck Anything...

By James McElveen | Added August 25, 2010

Minutes to Midnight

The app is "Minutes to Midnight" it is simply a countdown of the time left you have left until tomorrow

By James McElveen | Added August 24, 2010

Spook Busters

NEW 3.0 VERSION!!* Updated graphics.* Bug in 3.X OS has been fixed. KID FRIENDLY!!A real Halloween treat for small kids and children.Halloween...

By James McElveen | Added February 2, 2010

Amuck Password Generator

Always trying to come up with unique passwords? Amuck Passwords Generator is a password generator for anyone.Amuck Passwors Generator...

By James McElveen | Added November 17, 2008

Spook Busters

* 1 * Vote * Free Spook Busters Spook Busters Download on iTunes Published 3 hours ago James...

By James McElveen | Added October 6, 2008