Charades !

Charades:fabulous entertainment for you and your friends, for free and with no hidden costs! Forget tokens, berries, and other virtual...

By www.chris-software.com | Added January 3, 2012

Polls Online (Quizzes, Free)

Polls Online application allows you to create simple online surveys / quizzes / polls and collect answers from iPhone and iPod touch...

By www.chris-software.com | Added February 20, 2010

Tic-Tac-Toe (Single/Multi Player)

Tic-Tac-Toeor if you prefer: Tick Tack Toe, Noughts and Crosses, Hugs And Kisses, Circle and CrossePlay this popular game on your device....

By www.chris-software.com | Added February 4, 2010

Tap Tempo BPM

- Tap Tempotap, tap, tap... and you will get the BPM value and the genre name: largamente, largissimo, largo, lento, adagio, andante,...

By www.chris-software.com | Added February 3, 2010

Nth Root

A powerful application to calculate nth roots of any two numbers, also fractions, negative numbers and a properties.

By www.chris-software.com | Added January 28, 2010

iRunner LITE

Buy full version to get rid of adsiRunner is a powerful application that delivers you the accurate and up-to-date statistics about...

By www.chris-software.com | Added January 18, 2010

ImageShack Free

ImageShack app gives you the amazing opportunity to quickly upload any image from your Photo Library or Camera quickly to the one of...

By www.chris-software.com | Added January 17, 2010

Hypnotizer Free

Hypnotizer - great application if you need some rest after hard work. A lot of colors and different animations. Run, set and enjoy...

By www.chris-software.com | Added January 15, 2010

Hash Generator

Hash Generator let you preview how your password or anything else you typed is visible when hashed.So far you can choose from 9 most...

By www.chris-software.com | Added January 14, 2010