Are you confident of your concentration? equivalence will train your concentration and reaction speed, in less than a minute!The rule...

By tekunodo. | Added June 10, 2016

Anime Eyes

Anime Eyes is a camera app that auto-magically puts giant, glistening cartoon eyes on any picture you take! Getting an anime makeover...

By tekunodo. | Added June 10, 2016

Simple Resize

Resize your photo.It's free, easy to use, just try it!How to use1. Choose photo from your library / Take a picture.2. Set saved photo...

By tekunodo. | Added June 10, 2016

Touch the Numbers

Touch the numbers from 1 to 25 as fast as you can, and become a world record holder! "Touch the Numbers" is a simple game for training...

By tekunodo. | Added June 4, 2015

Math Level 100

This is the training application to act your brain quickly.If you answer questions more quickly, your brain act more by its discernment,...

By tekunodo. | Added April 5, 2015

Touch the Alphabets

Touch the Alphabets from A to Z as fast as you can.This app is the alphabet version of "Touch the Numbers".

By tekunodo. | Added December 15, 2014


This is "Free" piano app, successor of FreePiano.It's very simple. Touch and play.- Double keyboard (2 Oct.)- Virtual velocity sensitive!...

By tekunodo. | Added October 29, 2014


Simple and hard brain-teaser."Mismo" is a entirely new style puzzle game!No more candies, birds, 2048 panels.There are only 4x4 numeric...

By tekunodo. | Added August 10, 2014

Chick reborn

Swipe and save the chicks.Avoid the fire.Simple, addictive, and really hard free game.

By tekunodo. | Added June 3, 2014

Rolling jumper

Someone says, there exists the treasures in the end of the world.Take the chick named 'Piyo' to the end of the world, with new ability...

By tekunodo. | Added April 24, 2014


Flick faster and become the master! 'KineVision C' is the free casual game. Try your kinematic vision and reflexes skills. Flick and...

By tekunodo. | Added October 30, 2013

Artwork Clock for iTunes

*******************************************************- add continuous listening function- supports landscape mode in iPad*******************************************************Your...

By tekunodo. | Added September 16, 2013