August Hesse


Mudras provides depiction and instruction on how to complete many of the most powerful mudras. The mudras are spiritual/energetic hand...

By August Hesse | Added October 1, 2011

Native American Divination

Native American Divination is a simple divinatory application for foretelling your future, psychological insight, spiritual growth...

By August Hesse | Added September 16, 2011

Pagan Calendar

Pagan Calendar provides dates and information about Wiccan and Pagan sacred days, festivals and holidays.

By August Hesse | Added August 27, 2011

Ghost Photography

Ghost Photography is an easy way to have a laugh with friends. It allows you to incorporate scary images or vintage photos into a photo...

By August Hesse | Added July 24, 2011

Aura Photography

Aura Photography is a photography application that can reveal a person's aura colors. Aura's are energetic fields that surround a person....

By August Hesse | Added July 20, 2011

Mercury Retrograde

This application shows all of the times Mercury is in retrograde through Dec. 31, 2013. Further, It highlights times of transition...

By August Hesse | Added March 23, 2011

Buddha Guidebook

Buddha Guidebook gives the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch user insight into the beautiful religion of Buddhism. With captivating images and...

By August Hesse | Added March 23, 2011

Voice of the Soul Message Cards

This beautifully illustrated virtual deck by Author/Illustrator Robbie Adkins, provides practical advice that your own higher self...

By August Hesse | Added March 20, 2011

New Age Moon Calendar

New Age Lunar Calendar gives a quick and easy reference to descriptions and imagery of the current and future moon phases. A unique...

By August Hesse | Added March 4, 2011

Witches Guidebook

Witches Guidebook offers an introduction to the practices, beliefs and lifestyle of modern witches. It provides advice on spell work,...

By August Hesse | Added March 4, 2011

Arthurian Oracle Cards

Arthurian Oracle cards are a way to begin a journey of self enlightenment. The lesson of Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table...

By August Hesse | Added March 4, 2011