Speeding Tickets

Speeding Tickets is a fun app for the iPhone.Trick your friends and family. Simply enter a car registration number and the app will...

February 2, 2010 By Hurryforward

Mind Reader ~ NLP Eye Patterns

The Mind Reader app helps you learn and use the NLP eye pattern techniques. Great for helping you tell when someone is lying.

January 27, 2010 By Hurryforward

Excuse Machine

Ever needed to pretend you're somewhere else or needed an excuse to get someone off the phone?Excuse Machine allows you to play back...

December 27, 2009 By Hurryforward

Classical Ringtones

Classical Ringtones comes with a wide selection of ringtones for you to download onto your iPhone. 3 Easy Steps- Choose a ringtone...

December 23, 2009 By Hurryforward