This application will detect changes made to the registry and file system upon installation of any software. You have the option to...

By Canning | Added February 10, 2010


This application will automatically add error reports to a vb 6 project. You can choose which functions/subs/properties to add error...

By Canning | Added January 26, 2010


This application will hide/lock and encrypt (optional) folders on your operating system.

By Canning | Added January 21, 2010


This application will allow you to backup your systems drivers to a folder on your PC. This is very helpful if you are planning to...

By Canning | Added January 21, 2010


Do you have documents on your PC that you wished to be removed at the press of a button? If so, then this is the application for you....

By Canning | Added January 21, 2010


This application will encrypt/decrypt single/multiple files and text with military strength encryption. You can specify the desired...

By Canning | Added January 12, 2010