Erica Sadun


Draw funner with Draw! Draw offers the perfect time wasting toy, whether you're commuting, on the go with your kids, or just want to...

By Erica Sadun | Added June 10, 2016

To Do

To Do is a simple, free To-Do list manager written as a favor for some friends. It provides barebones task management. You can add,...

By Erica Sadun | Added October 20, 2014


Move past colored dots to fully colored folders. Don't settle for tiny tag indicators. Get the full folder colors you're looking...

By Erica Sadun | Added August 15, 2014


Drag your fingers across the screen and enjoy the sounds and visuals of Fidget. I wrote this app for my kids to mess with. And of course,...

By Erica Sadun | Added June 7, 2014


Create fun one-of-a-kind art with Rapid'art. Rapid'art builds random art using letters, ovals, arcs, and squiggles.You frame and caption...

By Erica Sadun | Added September 18, 2012

AirVideo Client

Bare-bones way to watch your AirVideo Server-supplied video on a Mac.

By Erica Sadun | Added January 21, 2011


Serve files and URLs to Apple TV.

By Erica Sadun | Added January 21, 2011


Transform your Mac into an AirPlay-compatible display.

By Erica Sadun | Added January 21, 2011

Draw for iPad

Draw funner with Draw!The new iPad version of this app offers the same great cooperative drawing games as the iPhone version. With...

By Erica Sadun | Added July 6, 2010