Open, show or hide the Library folder on OS X 10.7 Lion (and, maybe, Mountain Lion too).

By 1802 | Added September 15, 2012


Poster makes it easy to convert any Illustrator file (.ai, .eps or .pdf) in Illustrator, EPS or PDF format. Just drag and drop files...

By 1802 | Added July 25, 2010


This utility convert Illustrator files (CSX versions) in raster images like PNG and JPG. It also convert vector files in SVG files,...

By 1802 | Added October 8, 2009


Tired of fighting with the Terminal windows for reading Man? Open Manner and type name of the command (like ls, say etc...) and click...

By 1802 | Added March 10, 2009


This free utility helps Mac users to delete any file: drag a file (also a group of files/folders) and Graveyard deletes it/them. WARNING:...

By 1802 | Added March 10, 2009


Tired to wait until show you all your mail? Try SpeedMail and enjoy! Note: SpeedMail uses the terminal command sqlite3 ~/Library/Mail/Envelope\\...

By 1802 | Added March 10, 2009

Doctor Who

Doctor Who is an utility for finding application by file extension. If you have a file with an unknow extension, drag it on Doctor...

By 1802 | Added March 10, 2009


Pixer is a little application that helps you to scale (or rotate, add pad and, crop) PNG, JPG, Tiff, PSD , BMP or PICT images in batch....

By 1802 | Added March 10, 2009


Have you never heard your Mac to speak? Open Zarvox, type what you want to hear and enjoy! More: yuu can rec your mac speaking and...

By 1802 | Added November 29, 2007