This utility converts salt concentration units which is useful for the reef aquarist.

June 10, 2016 By micw


Bugs is a simulation game for Darwinian evolution, specifically through survival of the fittest.This program based on an idea presented...

June 10, 2016 By micw


A simple tape calculator

June 10, 2016 By micw


Calc3 is a beautiful simple tape calculator for your iPhone and iPad with a uniq user interface. New in 3.x:- universal App for your...

October 29, 2015 By micw

Wetter for iPhone

Wetter for iPhone is an app which draws beautiful meteograms. A meteogram is a time plot that uses data for a specific location on...

September 14, 2015 By micw


iFEL is a monitoring and control App for the free electron laser at the Fritz-Haber-Institut in Berlin.To use this App you need an...

August 18, 2014 By micw

64 free

64 is a challenging puzzle game where you have to combine similar blocks. The goal ist to survive and to collect as much points as...

May 26, 2014 By micw