Mark Noble

40' North for Windows 10

This application presents all 40' North content together into one handy app so you can always be up to date on the latest news and...

By Mark Noble | Added June 1, 2017


Spell list for Pathfinder RPG with a semi-natural language filter.

By Mark Noble | Added May 11, 2016

System Generator

Star system generator for the Traveller 5 RPG.Generates a random system with stars, planets, gas giants & belts.Generates UWP, extensions,...

By Mark Noble | Added August 7, 2014

Traveller Die Roll Maker

Traveller Die Roll Maker is a dice rolling application for the Traveller 5 role playing game.It does all the standard dice rolls used...

By Mark Noble | Added February 5, 2014


Basic die roll applications for RPGs with basic scripting.Support for local networking also present.Two dice formats : XdY+Z & XdY...

By Mark Noble | Added November 11, 2013

Directory Tree

Directory Tree is a plugin based, file/Directory viewer/manipulator. It creates a View (window) which is used to display a selected...

By Mark Noble | Added August 24, 2013


Links is a URL/bookmark storage/access application. Links consists of a large window with blocks containing bookmarks. Each block represents...

By Mark Noble | Added July 14, 2013


Spell lister and spell layout formatter for PRD (Pathfinder) rules. Main window displays spells which can be organised and filtered...

By Mark Noble | Added October 11, 2012


Random spell generator for D&D PathFinder rules.Feats can be included when generating a list.Spell list flavour skews the generator...

By Mark Noble | Added October 31, 2011


D&D 3.5 skill point allocator application. Has support for non-humanoid races and non-core prestige classes. A text editor can allow...

By Mark Noble | Added June 1, 2009