Mark Noble


Spell list for Pathfinder RPG with a semi-natural language filter.

By Mark Noble | Added May 11, 2016

System Generator

Star system generator for the Traveller 5 RPG.Generates a random system with stars, planets, gas giants & belts.Generates UWP, extensions,...

By Mark Noble | Added August 7, 2014

Traveller Die Roll Maker

Traveller Die Roll Maker is a dice rolling application for the Traveller 5 role playing game.It does all the standard dice rolls used...

By Mark Noble | Added February 5, 2014


Basic die roll applications for RPGs with basic scripting.Support for local networking also present.Two dice formats : XdY+Z & XdY...

By Mark Noble | Added November 11, 2013

Directory Tree

Directory Tree is a plugin based, file/Directory viewer/manipulator. It creates a View (window) which is used to display a selected...

By Mark Noble | Added August 24, 2013


Links is a URL/bookmark storage/access application. Links consists of a large window with blocks containing bookmarks. Each block represents...

By Mark Noble | Added July 14, 2013


Spell lister and spell layout formatter for PRD (Pathfinder) rules. Main window displays spells which can be organised and filtered...

By Mark Noble | Added October 11, 2012


Random spell generator for D&D PathFinder rules.Feats can be included when generating a list.Spell list flavour skews the generator...

By Mark Noble | Added October 31, 2011


D&D 3.5 skill point allocator application. Has support for non-humanoid races and non-core prestige classes. A text editor can allow...

By Mark Noble | Added June 1, 2009