Gendou Utilities

FF1 RAM Editor

Editable fields: Quest Items, Inventory, Gold, Map Location, Airship, Character Statistics, Names, Magic, Class, and Equipment

May 22, 2006 By Gendou Utilities

FF5 RAM Editor

Editable fields: Inventory, Acquired Magic, Acquired Jobs, Gold, Play Time, Map & Location, Vehicle Locations, Number of Battles/Kills/Escapes/Saves,...

May 16, 2006 By Gendou Utilities

Night Sky Screen Saver

Twinkling stars sweep across the sky punctuated by streaking meteors. This is not a system screen saver, but a stand-alone application....

November 5, 2005 By Gendou Utilities

Ghost Code

Let your computer do the coding while you go take a nap! Ghost Code comes with preferences to adjust font, color, scroll speed, and...

October 12, 2005 By Gendou Utilities