Download Queue Actions

Some Automator Action for Download Queue from Olive Toast software: Start all downloads in queueStop all downloadsAdd Downloads...

By | Added March 13, 2008

DNS-O-Matic Updater Script

DNS-O-Matic Updater Script is a simple AppleScript to update your external IP on DNS-O-Matic. You simply put your username and password...

By | Added March 7, 2008


backupbyplaylist is a iTunes music backup script written in applescript. You choose a folder and the script backups all your playlists...

By | Added February 21, 2006


EyeTVtinator is little Applescript to delete all your EyeTV Recording with one click.

By | Added January 17, 2006


TV2iCal is a collection of scripts to schedule recordings in iTele with the help of iCal and TV-Browser. It was developed to make use...

By | Added January 17, 2006

EyeTV Exporter

EyeTV Exporter is little Applescript to export all your EyeTV Recording with one click. The exported recordings will be found in your...

By | Added December 9, 2005


EyeRecord is script to control EyeTV and program EyeTV recordings with the help of TV-Browser. TV-Browser is a digital tv guide....

By | Added November 24, 2005