Rodolfo Turco


Getdeblu allows you to receive files into the expansion card through Bluetooth, IrDA or HotSync.

By Rodolfo Turco | Added August 24, 2008


Camera shutter trigger using the serial port It's useful for photography and every time you need a programmable delay on an event...

By Rodolfo Turco | Added November 23, 2006


Useful to log large amount of data from the serial interfaces (Serial, USB, Bluetooth, Irda, etc.)

By Rodolfo Turco | Added October 31, 2006


Real-time display of night and day on Earth World Clock Clothing sizes converter Unit converter Realized in cooperation with...

By Rodolfo Turco | Added October 26, 2006


Serial port digital pulse delayer and repeater It's useful for photography shutter triggering and every time you need a programmable...

By Rodolfo Turco | Added October 21, 2006


Serial digital pins frequency meter and pulse counter Measures the frequency on CTS serial pin and counts pulses on RX pin, typically...

By Rodolfo Turco | Added June 9, 2006


a simple Italy geographic data viewer

By Rodolfo Turco | Added May 20, 2006


A solar system 2D/3D images and infos browser.

By Rodolfo Turco | Added January 4, 2006


Parlogio is a multilingual speaking clock, you can use the already present languages or create your own one. It's a speaking up/down...

By Rodolfo Turco | Added November 15, 2005


VMSwitch is a Palm freeware utility that lets you: Set how keys turn on the palm to avoid accidental power on Control some Preferences...

By Rodolfo Turco | Added September 10, 2005


SEBlue is a utility to connect the Palm to your bluetooth phone and gets informations like time, battery status, temperature, etc....

By Rodolfo Turco | Added June 23, 2005