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Today In Discordia

A Cocoa wrapper around ddate, the Discordian calendar program originally written for UNIX systems.

April 2, 2007 By Malarkey Software


UPCToISBN is a small application that pretty much does what its namesake says: converts the UPC (Universal Product Code) from a book...

March 4, 2007 By Malarkey Software

Mine Swept

Mine Swept is your basic game of Minesweeper where you have this field of squares and when you click on one, it will tell you one of...

December 11, 2006 By Malarkey Software

Hot Spot X

Hot Spot X is a modern remake of an old Mac OS Classic game called Hot Spot. You have a game board that consists of four concentric...

April 9, 2006 By Malarkey Software