Super Marks: Flexo Bearer Bar

Using 10 editable user defined properties, Super Marks: Flexo Bearer Bar Set 1 draws Bearer Bars, film Registration Marks, and Microdots...

By Macthis | Added May 20, 2005

Draw Dieline CS

Draw Dieline for Illustrator CS can reduce production time by drawing the template for you. All you have to do is type in the dimension...

By Macthis | Added May 14, 2005

FlexoCalc AS

AppleScript Studio version of FlexoCalc. Calculates Flexo distortions, distorted steps, etc.

By Macthis | Added April 14, 2005


Built using AppleScript Studio, FSX Pro is an automated Step & Repeat utility for FreeHand. FSX Pro can step EPS, TIF, JPG and PSD...

By Macthis | Added April 14, 2005

FlexoCalc OC

FlexoCalc OC, written entirely in Objective-C, instantly calculates distortion, distorted steps, contants, and 100% steps, and undistortion....

By Macthis | Added January 17, 2004