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Push Diagnostics

Confused by the array of ports and services that need to be open to use the Apple Push Notification service? Push Diagnostics is a...

July 16, 2020 By Twocanoes Software

Boot Runner

Get Boot Runner for complete startup control for dual boot Macs. Use network policies and remote management tools for easy maintenance...

October 24, 2018 By Twocanoes Software


Winclone is the premier Boot Camp cloning, backup and migration solution for the Mac. Winclone 5.4 is available in Basic, Standard...

March 27, 2017 By Twocanoes Software

Bleu Assist

Using the power of iBeacon and this app, automatically notify store associates via in-store notifications right from your phone!

June 18, 2016 By Twocanoes Software

Elephant Scan

If you have a bunch of machine readable codes to scan (like QR or Bar Codes), then Elephant Scan is for you! Just scan a code, and...

November 2, 2015 By Twocanoes Software

Bleu JSS

Easily create and configure Bleu Station Beacons in your Casper Suite Server (version 9.5 or later required) from JAMF Software. Then...

October 20, 2014 By Twocanoes Software

Bleu Meetings

Bleu Meetings is an online service for managing meetings by distributing passes, information and notifications for events large and...

October 13, 2014 By Twocanoes Software