YP Electric Field

draws lines of force and equipotential lines near electric charges

September 27, 1999 By unknown

Mac Football Manager

Macintosh Football Manager is freeware soccer management game. MFM allowsyou to manage a team within the English league. The ultimate...

September 18, 1999 By unknown

FBA Sampler

faceless background applications (FBAs) source code and executables

September 6, 1999 By unknown


MacSki features: Highly animated, smooth flowing graphics Over three-dozen courses of seven major types: Timer only, Slalom, GiantSlalom,...

August 19, 1999 By unknown

Formac iProRAID

firmware for the iMac iProRAID SCSI card

August 3, 1999 By unknown


C programming environment for reversible execution & software visualization

July 28, 1999 By unknown