Download the DeltaBar and discover a new and rewarding way to surf the Internet. The DeltaBar is a browser plug-in the informs users...

January 16, 2001 By unknown


BibGene is a BibTeX-compatible Macintosh application for maintaining databases of references to scientific papers. BibGene was designed...

October 14, 2000 By unknown


AppleScript that will periodically change your desktop picture during a session. You can configure it to only run during certain hours,...

October 6, 2000 By unknown


MacDim module that renders a shaded, hidden line tunnel

January 6, 2000 By unknown


disk scanning utility, lists the contents of any disk

January 2, 2000 By unknown

Tulamide Player

Tulamide Player is an asynchronous "direct-from-disk" aiff player with full drag & drop support. Tulamide Player is a fast, stable,...

December 29, 1999 By unknown

OSA Script

send and receive arguments in AppleScript, includes source code

October 20, 1999 By unknown