Simple Bills

This program will help you to organize all the bills in very simple and clean interface. It is designed for people doesn't need all...

July 11, 2008 By PDAsoftnet

Books Log

This program will help you to keep track all your books. Features: Unlimited and user definable category,format,author profile Quick...

April 28, 2008 By PDAsoftnet

NM Log

FEATURES: Keep track the total that you are spent. Calculate the average L/NM, Price/L Purge all records which are older than 31 days....

April 18, 2007 By PDAsoftnet

Data Exporter

A desktop program to let users export the data from PDA into CSV file format.

March 4, 2007 By PDAsoftnet

Eat Out

This program will keep track the info about all restaurants you are visited Input your own rating for different areas Remember your...

January 30, 2007 By PDAsoftnet


FEATURES: Password protection. Filtering data by categories. Full page to let you enter those long URL web address. Full page to...

January 7, 2007 By PDAsoftnet

My Grade

FEATURES: Enter grades for unlimited homework assignments, tests and projects. Define unlimited school subjects/courses. Browse all...

December 11, 2006 By PDAsoftnet