RaNo Software

Memory Scanner

Memory Scanner will scan the whole memory built into your device (RAM and ROM). You can search for all kinds of data: find system entries...

By RaNo Software | Added January 30, 2008


Hi-Launcher introduces the Windows-like Start Menu to your Palm OS handheld. This lets you switch between your handheld applications...

By RaNo Software | Added January 12, 2008

Cuckoo Clock

Your Palm will cuckoo aloud every hour.

By RaNo Software | Added March 21, 2007


Add new icons to the default toolbar!

By RaNo Software | Added January 17, 2007


RNS:: TapMap is a hack that creates a special map of the Palm's screen. Every time you tap, a pixel position is placed on the map....

By RaNo Software | Added October 23, 2002