Easy Numbering

A user-friendly way for printers (the people, not the peripherals) to automatically number forms, and print serial numbers on tickets,...

By G.B.C.S. | Added July 9, 2018

Natural Worlds

After launching Natural Worlds, you will be immersed in: a bird sanctuary, a thunderstorm, a night-time forest with crickets and owls...

By G.B.C.S. | Added May 15, 2007

Gerry's Attraction

It moves! It zooms! It rotates! It does real-time 3D! Gerry's Attraction is a program for viewing the Lorenz Attractor and R�¶ssler...

By G.B.C.S. | Added April 30, 2004

AHole II

A fun card game which can be played offline, or online with up to 6 other players. Based on the original AHole card game written by...

By G.B.C.S. | Added March 7, 2004