Apple-Group Widget

A simple easy to use RSS Widget for Simply de-zip the file named "" double click on the file named...

By Graphate | Added November 16, 2009

Apple-Group Suite

With Control iTunes you may:PauseStartProgress to next trackRegress to previous trackApple-Group Quick Start: An easy way for

By Graphate | Added August 15, 2008

RSS Lite Reader

Soon after you download this RSS Lite Reader you will be surfing a number of preloaded RSS feeds. It is easy to switch between preloaded...

By Graphate | Added June 26, 2008

RSS reader [AG]

The [AG] RSS reader supports multiple feeds which are inter-changeable with a few clicks. It is easy to use and stable like all of...

By Graphate | Added June 4, 2008

FS Forum AIM Chat Bot

Forum Admins and Mods can now have a AIM chat bot. Which sits in the chat room of their choice and invites the members from a designated...

By Graphate | Added September 18, 2003