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Dupin is your iTunes duplicates manager. Dupin finds sets of duplicate tracks in iTunes based on the criteria you choose. It can then...

May 27, 2020 By Doug's AppleScripts

Playlist Assist

Playlist Assist is a floating window to which tracks from iTunes can be dragged and then sorted, arranged, auditioned, edited, exported...

November 2, 2013 By Doug's AppleScripts


Smarts will save and store the criteria of an iTunes Smart Playlist -- the "smarts" of a Smart Playlist -- as a template so you can...

September 15, 2012 By Doug's AppleScripts


TrackSift brings together 9 easy to use tools for iTunes to assist with creating special playlists and cleaning up your iTunes library.

September 15, 2012 By Doug's AppleScripts


Browse and bookmark Wikipedia articles using your iTunes Artists index. - Easily search for and browse articles written about...

September 15, 2012 By Doug's AppleScripts

Change Hidden iTunes Preferences

This application will allow you to invoke hidden iTunes preferences: - Show "Library" playlist - Changing view setting is global -...

June 16, 2012 By Doug's AppleScripts

Join Together

Join Together automates the process of joining the files of selected iTunes tracks together with QuickTime and exporting them as a...

April 6, 2010 By Doug's AppleScripts