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KidsGoGoGo filters unknown adult-only sites by analogy, as well as known adult sites by database. All you need to do is installing...

August 2, 2008 By MAKI Enterprise

KidsServer PE

KidsServer PE is most powerful parental control program for Mac OS X ever made. KidsServer PE is proxy type software and filtering...

December 10, 2006 By MAKI Enterprise


The Best Way To Filter The Game Machines That Hookup To Your Network. KidsFilterShare is a utility to share the KidsGoGoGo or KidsServer's...

September 27, 2006 By MAKI Enterprise


PodSmith is a utility to make full use of your iPod. PodSmith uses your iPod as a key for security and for various synchronization...

June 29, 2006 By MAKI Enterprise

Kids GoGoGo (Classic)

Kids GoGoGo prohibits use or browsing of adult-only contents on the Internet. Web filtration for home, school, public space, and office....

July 6, 2004 By MAKI Enterprise


Muwse is full Unicode supported, HTML editor program for the Macintosh. Before using Muwse, please read the manual and license conditions.

January 6, 2004 By MAKI Enterprise

Magellan Pro

Magellan Pro is not only email client but support automated email process.According to the contents of received mail, reply mail is...

November 5, 2003 By MAKI Enterprise