James Huston

iTunes Remote Control

iTunes Remote Control (iTRC) is a network remote control for iTunes. It allows you to control iTunes on a remote machine with full...

By James Huston | Added August 11, 2008

Parsley is Atomically Delicious

We are all well aware of iTunes rather lackluster support for TV Shows and the iPod. Luckily some fine folks wrote a great MPEG-4 editor...

By James Huston | Added October 22, 2006

DMG Tool

My first major AppleScript studio project to help me create Disk Images for archival purposes. Using DMG Tool is a quick and straight...

By James Huston | Added June 20, 2004


cURL HUI is a very simple and easy to use front end, written in AppleScript Studio, to the cURL command line utility. It supports the...

By James Huston | Added June 23, 2002

dnsQ client GUI

An AppleScript Studio front end to the dnsQ account updater.

By James Huston | Added March 4, 2002


Spellbinder runs the update_prebinding command line tool. I made this to make using this command easier than running it from the Terminal...

By James Huston | Added February 22, 2002


YA-A.S.S. program from THEM SW. Tweaker allows you to modify a few OS X hidden options, such as screen shot format, file visibility...

By James Huston | Added January 2, 2002

Free RAM

This is a small AppleScript studio wrapper to a shell script I wrote. It displays a listing of used RAM, free RAM, paged out and paged...

By James Huston | Added December 19, 2001