Juho Ruohola

City of Rauma

Simple city building simulator where the goal is to get as many inhabitants as possible while keeping them content by building public...

By Juho Ruohola | Added July 5, 2009


Simple and free utility to view invisible files and make them visible. You can also make visible files invisible.

By Juho Ruohola | Added January 18, 2007

The Legend of Space Bug

An arcade game where it is your mission to save the world! You control a space ship and try to prevent objects colliding the Earth....

By Juho Ruohola | Added December 26, 2005


Free utility for making files and folders invisible.

By Juho Ruohola | Added March 26, 2002


Soldiers is a freeware action game for Power Macintosh. In the game you are an ex-marine, whose job is to kick some ass. Missions take...

By Juho Ruohola | Added August 20, 2001

Space Bug

Game where your mission is to protect the Earth from threats that are coming from the outer space.

By Juho Ruohola | Added December 29, 2000