Einstein Platform

Einstein Platform is a way to run NewtonOS on a Mac, using a NewtonOS 2.1 ROM (MP2x00 US, MP2100D or eMate 300).

By Kallisys | Added July 14, 2007


toolserver(1) is a command line tool to invoke MPW's ToolServer. For example, thanks to toolserver(1) you can use MPW C/C++ compilers...

By Kallisys | Added May 25, 2005


Escale is a Newton Connection Utility for MacOS X featuring AddressBook synchronization, Package installation and use of Mac Keyboard...

By Kallisys | Added May 2, 2003


NSOF To XML Converter exhibits the Desktop Connection Library's data manipulation routines and lets one convert NSOF files such as...

By Kallisys | Added February 26, 2003


Delivery is the first Newton Package installer with both Rendez-Vous and AppleTalk. It is based on the Desktop Connection Library...

By Kallisys | Added February 26, 2003


DropNote is an AppleScript applet letting one convert Newton Notes in XML form (obtained from the NSOF to XML converter for example)...

By Kallisys | Added February 26, 2003