PrintMaestro - print the folders tree and folders content easily. Print and export your folders context to pdf or html files. With...

By Helmsman | Added July 19, 2010

Frigate Pro

Frigate Pro is a handy file manager with built-in file viewers (DBF, RTF, HTML, DOC, Excel), handy utilities (TreeNotes, StartUp Manager,...

By Helmsman | Added December 9, 2008

Frigate Standard

Today's average PC hard drive has as much as dozens of thousands of various files on it. Use Frigate 3 to manage your files effectively....

By Helmsman | Added October 27, 2008


EXIF Viewer is the most efficient tool for dealing with the extended information already contained in your digital photos. Every...

By Helmsman | Added December 19, 2006


FTP server that is easy to use. You can have shared files in your with most comfort.

By Helmsman | Added December 15, 2006


DVD-player DVDuck - features and benefits: Easy and most friendly interface. Original frames. A good combination of simplicity and...

By Helmsman | Added November 18, 2005


Image2Ico is a powerful and easy-to-use utility for converting images to ico. Main features: Supports a lot of image formats: bmp,...

By Helmsman | Added November 7, 2005


Modern computer systems have hundreds of thousands of files with long descriptive file names, so the major trend these days is creating...

By Helmsman | Added January 4, 2005


Do you have some business in the web? Then you need a good site that will attract visitors. Suppose your site content is all right...

By Helmsman | Added November 14, 2004

StartUp Manager

StartUp Manager - take control of your PC and easily turn off any program that starts with Windows -- even those that don't appear...

By Helmsman | Added September 27, 2004


Make your FTP work effortless. Handy FTP Client with a huge set of features. If you frequently upload or download web pages or data...

By Helmsman | Added July 5, 2004


A must have for those who often deals with identifying files that have been changed. New IsEqual will help you to quickly identify...

By Helmsman | Added April 8, 2004


Passwords are a part of life. Just about everything - your ATM card, your house alarm, your calling card - requires a password. The...

By Helmsman | Added April 2, 2004


ExcelExplorer is a new utility for quick and easy managing excel files. Using ExcelExplorer you can view, move, delete or rename excel...

By Helmsman | Added March 31, 2004

Space Searcher

The technology evolution brings new demands and a 'massive 20Gb HDD' we've bought only a couple of years ago seems really tiny today....

By Helmsman | Added March 15, 2004