Hacker Dude-san


PowerJOG is a system enhancement software which runs on Sony's CLIE and enables you to use Jog Dial in almost all softwares. After...

By Hacker Dude-san | Added June 5, 2008


PowerRUN enables applications to be moved from internal memory to a Memory card and enables them to be launched from the Memory Card...

By Hacker Dude-san | Added September 25, 2005

DA Launcher

DA Launcher is a system enhancement program that launches Desk Accessory (or DA) which is a new type of application on Palm powered...

By Hacker Dude-san | Added October 22, 2003

PDB Converter

PDB Converter is a Windows 95/98/98SE/Me/NT/2000/XP application that can create NSBasic/Palm-compatible PDB files interactively (by...

By Hacker Dude-san | Added July 4, 2002


An enhanced SimpleTerm work alike

By Hacker Dude-san | Added August 20, 2000