RockShop also explains the 4Cs(carat weight, clarity, color, and cut), and helps you understand how each of the grades affects price....

By Setocorp | Added July 15, 2008

TravelPack Pro

Bundle of 6 great travel utilities: SkyTime (inflight time manager), Foreign (currency converter), MealTip (tip calculator), TravelCheck...

By Setocorp | Added December 3, 2001


MealTip calculates the amount of tip for a meal, helps you split the bill amongst friends evenly, and shows you scenarios for what...

By Setocorp | Added January 4, 2001


MoonMan is a simple maze-oriented game where you are the MoonMan and you're chased by evil Stars. Move around using the hardkeys on...

By Setocorp | Added January 4, 2001


Push is a simple two-person boardgame for the Palm Organizer. It was developed by myself as I was teaching myself how to program for...

By Setocorp | Added January 4, 2001