Juergen Schwister

Datebook2Memo (Date2Memo)

This Palm Application (Creator: DaMe, 10kb) exports Datebook entries to the MemoDB. The title of the Memo will be "Datebook2Memo [selected...

June 12, 2008 By Juergen Schwister


This Palm Application exports Datebook entries to the MemoDB or to a Palm DOC Formated File.

May 28, 2005 By Juergen Schwister


I have writen down the number in a grouping, so that they are easier to rember e.g. 0179 - 12 11 87 70. If you use the global find...

November 25, 2004 By Juergen Schwister


You don't know what resources (pdb & prc) are stored in your palm? This little application exports a list of all pdb's & prc's with...

October 9, 2004 By Juergen Schwister


This Palm Application (Creator: ToMe, 11 kb) exports ToDo entries to the MemoDB. You can select a category of the todo's to be exported...

September 28, 2003 By Juergen Schwister