Spike is a batch-processing, data spike detection and analysis tool for QuickTime movies. When given a batch of QuickTime movies, Spike can determine which ones provide optimal playability. Similar to Apple's discontinued MovieAnalyzer, Spike offers many of the same features and more, including the ability to process movies constructed with QuickTime 2.5 or later. Other features include detailed data rate graphs, "Spike Alerts," and reports in frames per second, plus preview options and batch processing. The demo version will allow processing batches of up to 2 movies at a time. Registered versions allow you to process batches of any number of files. When you register Spike, 63 presets covering most QuickTime deployment scenarios become available. The lite version requires that you work in kilobytes whereas the registered version lets you choose bytes or kilobytes in the Settings window. Version 1.6 handles any movie you want to apply it to, even those that are flattened, cross-platformed, data-fork-only, or created by much earlier versions of QuickTime.
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