Neverdaunt is a dream like world of floating Islands and falling stars where nearly anything can happen. 8Bit refers to the era of computers with eight bit processors. N8* parodies the graphics style these computers were capable of and 8Bit also refers to N8* being a kind of Neverdaunt lite. N8* is an online massively multiplayer virtual sandbox, A place to play, make friends, be creative and competitive. The whole thing also happens to be the work of one guy (that's me, hello). Which isn't something that normally happens with an MMO, so I thought I would point that out. The reason I can make something like this by myself is the very nature and design of N8*... every player helps build the world and create gameplay!
License Free
File Size 10.34 MB
Operating System Windows Me Windows Windows 2003 Windows Vista Windows NT Windows 7 Windows XP Windows 2000 Windows 98