Fairy Story Online

Fairy Story is the first 3D MMORPG online game of Q version operated by NGames Ltd. 3D film "Alice In Wonderland" brought up a wonder fairy tale trip. These cartoons in childhood often arouse our childhood memory. New online game Fairy Story is coming, with happiness of childhood, princes, witch, wolf. Welcome to our new fairy world. The forces of darkness are ready to make trouble and the world is in the danger of destruction. We need to begin the journey of being members of Clover Hunting Group so that we can stop the intrusion of the Dark Forces. In Fairy Story, we apply real-time combat mode in the romantic and fantastic setting. Here you can create lovely and distinctive characters. And you are able to use the special item enhancement system which can demonstrate your charisma and splendor. The powerful pet system makes various entertainment methods possible, such as pet synthesis, pet raising and pet combat. You will like it because there are hundreds of different pets and dozens of mounts for you to choose. From the very beginning, we will create a vast and perfect virtual world, where you can study, make friends, fight for your class, join in marriage system and learn couple skills. And you can keep in touch with your friends, that is, you will fight with your old bosom friends and you can also take adventure in this virtual world with your sweetheart.
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License Free
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