Project S

Enjoy maximum combat satisfaction. Bit of gore and lots of dynamic and thrilling skills await users to exploit true fun of MMORPG. Unlike other games, you do not have to tirelessly level up to enjoy the excitement of combat. You can enjoy a dynamic, powerful and speedy action from level 1. Explore and exploit vast dungeons which sizes equal a field map. Also join massive PvE events like raids, team battle and more in a special event maps that opens periodically. Conquer and govern your territory. Regional wars and scalable siege war between guilds allow you to control over various territories. During spare time, dual with other players for PK is possible in all fields. Craft and enchant your own items. Craft items and enchant them to make it your own special equipment. There is no limit to enchanting. So don't throw away your weapon after you level up but enchant it and let it grow together with you. And with random option inscription system, there will be no duplicate. All items will be your own original creation. You can collect jackpot points when you hunt or complete a quest. Bet these points to win special prize of your choice. Other mini games are integrated with crafting, enchanting and other game features. In addition, special gamble map offers various gambling for players who are weary of hunting and killing. Grow your own pet, various community system, mounts Find out more on these features in updates to come.
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