By open DesireRO is a non-profit mmorpg. For those who don't know anything about Ragnarok. You first start as a novice trying to level to obtain your first Job. Yes, you have a Base level and a Job level both are really important. Before you get your first job, you need your novice job base at level 10 which isn't too hard. Getting job level 10 only takes about 5 minutes of work. After that you will need to travel to a certain town and find the job guildsmen to take their test to join their guild and become (for an example: a swordsmen). When you get accepted into a class guild your job level changes back to level 1 but, your base level will stay the same. In addition, you may get more life or sp for the certain class you become. Now that you have a class you should go off, and kill some monsters to level up your job. You now have a new goal; it is to get your second job. When you get to job level 40 or 50 (note; it does not matter yet) you can go find the second job guildsmen. Since you are applying for the second job... the test is much harder (of course). But hey when you get your second job you get more fun skills to play with and more life added... Finally, you don't have any more jobs to do besides getting to base level 99 and job level 50 to go and do the reborn quest. After you do this quest, you will start back at base and job level 1, but you are a high novice, meaning you are stronger than the average novice and you are on your way to becoming (for an example: a Lord Knight) which comes with more and better skills. When you are getting your first job just talk to the same guildsman that gave you your class and he will automatically turn you into whatever class you picked. This time your skill points matter so it is best to get job level 50 and collect all the points. If you didn't get job 50 then... you will be missing some job points. Well after you get job 40 or 50 this time you must now travel back to the person that reborned you and talk to them, so that they will turn you into a (for an example: a Lord Knight). Now you have to pay attention to getting your own guild together and conquer over castles during War Of Emperium. War Of Emperium is an event that happens on certain days, based on guilds vs guilds attacking and defending castles in a lot of different towns.Version 188 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.
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