Fire Client is the official RuneScape client of RSforums. org. This is a free client, that includes a world switcher, several skins, and a complete RuneScape toolkit. Fire Client is fully supported at RSForums. org, and any questions will be answered along with several predefined troubleshooting solutions. Here are some of the features of Fire Client. Auto typer. Snapshot. Internal web browser (Internet Explorer shell). Linkifies Quick Find codes and player names when browsing the RuneScape forums in the internal browser. Ad blocker. Image Gallery. Imageshack and TinyPic uploader. Image cropper and blurring. Multi-player hiscores. Notepad. News reader. Grand Exchange lookup. Skill Calculator. Auto login. Basic calculator. Timers. World map with clue scroll coordinates. Support for German and French worlds. Client made by: James Spencer. Version 4.2 includes new timers, enhanced browsing for RuneScape forums, improved the News page, and other additions, enhancements, and fixes.
License Free
File Size 279.02 kB
Version 4.2
Operating System Windows XP Windows Windows 7 Windows Vista