Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Game. Journey through a land of epic adventure, a realm of hard won victory in a gritty fantasy setting. Set yourself against fiendish puzzles, devilish creatures and cunning traps in a fight to see who will triumph, and who will fall by the wayside. Not for the faint of heart, the roads through Cosrin are long, but the journey is well rewarded. Take part in the online adventure, in a text world of danger and mystery. Few of these have what it takes to flourish in such a world, do have you the makings of a hero within you? Visit the Bandit Caves under Stormport, learn what made Stormport the reclusive city it was until recently. Mages and Fighters guilds of Moorgate split, resulting in two new guilds which will have a tumultuous introduction to the status-quo between the existing guilds. It's a new beginning, a beginning of which you can play a role. What will happen in the months to come? Time will tell, but the possibilities are great.
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Operating System Windows 95 Windows 2000 Windows Me Windows Windows 98 Windows XP Windows NT Windows 3.x
System RequirementsWindows 3.x/95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP