Time Bomb Disposal Squad

This is your time to prove yourself that you are the ultimate survival hero of the time bomb disposal squad. Play this thrilling exciting bomb blast game as the US army disposal officer. Download this anti terrorist bomb disposal game and become the part of the US military officer. You are here to serve and defend the country from the criminals and terrorists. You are in the survival mission and you have been assigned the most dangerous mission.Terrorists are invaded in the country and they have planted bombs in different areas of the country. They want to conquer the country. You need to take control of the situation now as you are the real survival hero in the explosive time bomb disposal squad. The lives of the innocent civilians are at stake. Dont let the terrorist destroy your country. You are the trained US police anti terrorist force who needs to take action against the criminals. Get the proper guidance from the US Military intelligence force about the location of the bomb plant.Save the lives of the civilians by diffusing the bomb now. You dont have enough time for the bomb diffusal. Join with the team of the extreme time bomb disposal squad to reach to the exact location. Just follow the map direction and reach there with the anti terrorist force. Time is running out. Follow the instruction given by the US military intelligence. You can take the car or helicopter whichever vehicle is available near you to reach to the bomb plant location as soon as possible.Show your bomb diffusal skills to all the anti terrorist force to set an example and become the elite survival hero. You are now part of this police force time bomb disposal squad. Diffuse it before the bomb blast happened and take all the lives with it. Be careful as you are doing the most difficult task of the survival bomb disposal police force.****HOW TO PLAY**** Start the game of survival Choose the level to start the bomb disposal mission Reach to the bomb plant location through the map directions Diffuse it through different techniques Keep track on the time to avoid the explosion****FEATURES**** Action filled challenging levels Bomb disposal location simulator Different techniques for the bomb diffusal Time based survival missions Realistic explosive background sound effects
Price USD 0
License Free
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.