Paintball Shooting Squad: Battleground Army Combat

Load your pallet ball gun and jump into the real battlefield combat to win different paintball shooting challenges. Airsoft paintball gun shooting combat arena is an extreme FPS shooting fun. Join indoor battleground squad where you will eliminate the rivals with latest airsoft paintball guns. Paintball shooting game is an addictive unknown players battleground arena sports game. Whether you are a paintball shooting player or a FPS shooting games fan, paintball battlefield will fulfil your desire to win the shooting competition. Paintball shooting combat arena is a competitive team gun shooting sport game in which players eliminate opponents from playground by hitting them with colorful airsoft paintball rounds, breakable color filled paint and jelly paint ball pellets. Paintball shooting combat arena game developed primarily for real gun fighting lovers.Weapons Inventory & Players Selection:Multiple unknown heroes are available with different shooting skills. You may select any of them based on your improvement in the game. Different fighting missions needs upgraded PRO shooting players. Use latest automatic pallet guns and win the airsoft paintball shooting competition. Paintball shooting combat arena is the perfect extreme shooter game that is to choose your favorite player, latest pallet guns and different battleground modes. Each fight rewards good amount of coins through which you may change your player & unlock latest upgraded pallet guns. Spin wheel is a latest option to earn rewarded points and unlock heroes and next episodes.Arcade Mode:In Arcade Mode, your ultimate task is to eliminate your opponent; Arcade match wining will increase the powers, accuracy and excitement of real paintball shooting challenge.Episodes Mode:In Episodes Mode after every success, you will earn some points to unlock next levels. Level mode consists with different & latest game play challenges against opponents. Start a campaign; you have to shoot and eliminate all opponent shooters in your way to win the battles that will allow you to unlock next level and different Heroes.Winners Game Play:There are many different paintball shooting heroes to choose before starting color ball war. You can learn which fighting gears you will need, and how to build the skills required being a good softball-shooting hero. Load guns quickly into the battle and fight in the middle of your teammates to control the battlefield and score the most points. Airsoft paintball fight is a real-time single player FPS game where players eliminate with paintball guns in each game, the first player to win the game or the one to eliminate the opponent with continuous auto firing mode. The limited paint ball ammunition will have to save & refill in the field. Player has health & energy level that will indicate if you are in danger zone, ammunition or the enemy in your way.Amazing Graphics, Sounds & Controls:With innovative motion and gesture-based controls including sliding, auto gun shooting mode, leaning from cover and sprint mode. Softball shooting fields will takes you into the real battleground shooting experience. Paintball shooting arena has Great sound effects, amazing HD graphics and amazing surrounding arena and easy to use gameplay controls.Whats New in Game:Auto firing mode will help eliminate targets quicklySpin Wheel rewarded point will help to unlock next episodes & heroesSprint Mode will help to search enemies quickly & escape behind covers
License Free
Version 5.1
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.4 and up