Ironing Dresses and Clothes

Today Miss Sarah is at home. She has many homework. She have to wash,clean and iron all clothes. Clothes is very dirty. She have to use cleaning detergant. Today we can help her. First of all take all dirty clothes with basket. From basket put all clothes washing machine. Washing machie new maachine. It has very big capacity. You can put dirty clothes with clicking and dragging. But first you have to open washing machine door. Click the door. door will open. After puuting all dresses and clothes like trousers,socks,skirts and shirts close the washing machine dooor. Put the detergant,softening and whiting detergant. You should put detergant enough. You can put detergant until line. If you put all detergant in enough level you can start washing machine. Click the start button. Washing machine will soon start and will turn right and left. After washing period washing machine door will open. Now you can take all cleaned loundries to basket. You can click and drag. Now we can hang all cleaned dresses and clothes. You should take cleaned clothes and drag the rope. After complating hanging you can fit with latch. You can take latches from latch basket. Now all clothes hanged and dried with sun. we can start ironing. Ironing is very hard work. All women dont like ironing. But ironing is very importat. If we iron clothes our clothes will pure and sweet. We use iron to press clothes. Ironing all clothes use Iron. There is iron on screen right side. We have to iron all clothes. After ironing each clothes click dress to fold it. Folding and ironing is same mission. fold and iron all clothes. After ironing ad folding clothes put all to wardrobe. And there are socks. Socks are very colorfull. we have to fid socks pair. So we can use mouse to find socks pair. This game is very popular game in web. we hope play google user will like this game.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0.13
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.0 and up