25 Maps PREMIUM - RPG (Early Access)

Welcome strangers!25 Maps is an RPG with roguelike elements.The game world is divided into 25 maps/levels which you can enter in normal mode or in heroic/hell mode.And if you're up for fights there's the Arena!Gameplay:Simple. Work your way through from map 1 to map 25. And once you've done that, do it again in Heroic Mode and Hell Mode!Controls:Tap with one finger: Move/Confirm.Tap with two fingers at the same time: Open/Close Menu.Save:Enemies in normal mode as well as in the arena drop the item "Save Core". With this item it is possible to save.Note: In heroic/hell mode no opponent or boss will drop the item "Save Core".During the Early Access Phase you can teleport back to the Beta Hub with the Early Access Reward item "Beta Core" at any time to save.Note: "Beta Core" is only available for those who download the game during the Early Access. Once fully released, this item will no longer be available to new players.Servants & Champions:In 25 Maps you can reinforce your group with servants and/or champions. There are many different of them and all have unique skills!For example:- Arcanist- Demonologist- Paladin- Shaman (Premium)- Jungler (Premium)Note: Champions are only available for buyers of the premium version.3 Difficulty levelsYour goal is to achieve one of the two Reward Chests on each map. There is a gold chest and a item chest. Optionally, bosses can be challenged on maps 5, 10, 15, 20, 25.You can do it in following difficulty levels:- Normal Mode- Heroic Mode- Hell ModeNote: The hell mode is only available for buyers of the premium version.The Arena:The focus here is only on fights. There are 8 boss encounters and 7 normal encounters. Each with different loot!Map Secrets:On some maps there are puzzles/secrets that give you special items or skills when you solve them.Note: During the Early Access Phase you will not be able to complete the puzzles.Fights:All fights in 25 Maps are fully automatic. But to make sure it doesn't get boring you can decide which 4 skills (out of over 150) will be used in combat.You can equip skills in the menu!The Vendor:On maps 5, 10, and 15 the Vendor is waiting for you! He sells healing tomato juice, skills and support for your group.Ask for cocks!NewGame+:You're not getting anywhere? You want more equipment or skills? You want to loot more chests?Then start a NewGame+. All your skills, all your gold and your equipment will be transferred to the new save file!Early Access:During the Early Access Phase we only allow access to the following content:Normal mode: Map 1 to 20.Heroic Mode: Map 1 to 5.Hell mode: Map 1.The Arena: 6 non-boss opponents and 6 bosses.Skills: Approximately 30% of total skills available.Items: Approx. 20% of the total available items.Beta Hub: From there you can access all modes and save at any time.As a thank you for your support during the Early Access, you will receive 3 rewards that will no longer be available to new players after a full release.Feedback:In order to offer you the best gaming experience or to customize the game to your wishes, we would like to ask you to leave us a review.Every rating helps! We thank you in advance! You can also follow us on twitter to help us make the game you want:https://twitter.com/DevyneTheGamesDevLogsYou can always find a complete list with all changes in our DevLog:https://25maps.wordpress.com/logs/IMPORTANT NOTE:25 Maps PREMIUM is an offline singleplayer game. You don't need an internet connection to play!All progress will be lost if you uninstall the game. There is no cloud saving.
Price USD 129
License Purchase
Version 1.1.7aa
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.3 and up