Devyne: Saga (text-based Adventure RPG)

Try our new RPG game 25 Maps with updated engine, graphics and gameplay! Saga is a simple text-based role-playing and adventure game within our "Devyniverse".There is neither right nor wrong in this world. Neither good nor evil. Only your decisions and the consequences that comes with them.You only need your imagination to play!Immerse yourself in an interactive story that takes different courses depending on your decisions. There is also no Game Over!Repeat the story to experience all aspects!You've already played to the end of the CURRENT chapter? Then start all over again and make other decisions to learn more details and twists. For example Chapter 3 has four different endings which will affect the start of Chapter 4.Think well!Every decision will have an impact sooner or later. You can decide in chapter 2 about life or death of a Magister? Hopefully, in later chapters you will not meet him again if you spare his life.Dive into a lost world!Join Xopy Tyrum in his vision to undo the Ystron ruled by the Magisters and the Voyd and rebuild the true Arodh. It will be a long and nerve-racking journey. Inhuman decisions must be made in this deadly world.More chapters coming soon!We are gamers ourselves and do not like IAP or annoying advertisements. Nevertheless we will extend the story around Xopy Tyrum instead of building a sequel again and again.We love this story and we want to share it!
Price USD 209
License Purchase
Version 1.0.6
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.3 and up