Adventure Sheet

Tested and approved for the Fighting Fantasy gamebook series.Armed with the interactive adventure sheet, you will be ready to fully enjoy your favourite choose your own adventure books with a modern tool that keeps the vintage charm of the good old paper and pen setup.PLAY YOUR OWN WAYThe interactive adventure sheet does not make any decisions for you, it simply accompanies you on your adventure in the traditional spirit of choose your own adventure books. The app adapts to your play-style, provides you with virtual dice if you do not wish to use real ones, allows you to either generate random characters or create your very own hero.The adventure sheet brings you quality of life and takes care of all the hassle!GENERATE UNLIMITED HEROESYou can generate a random character or customise your hero's stats exactly the way you want.EXPERIENCE EPIC BATTLESAll adversaries have their own set of dice, enabling you to fight several enemies at the same time.MANAGE YOUR INVENTORYThe inventory will let you manage your loot and keep track of your meals and potions thanks to the smart counter system.TAKE NOTESThe logbook allows you to take as many notes as you deem necessary. Always have your clues on hand to crack even the darkest of mysteries.CREATE BOOKMARKSThe bookmark system allows you to keep track of your progress and leave a breadcrumb trail behind you.Download the Interactive Adventure Sheet now and set off on your own adventure!This app does not contain any books.
Price USD 139
License Purchase
Version 1.1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up