Mister Smith & His Adventures

The action-packed comedy adventures of Mister Smith, where you choose your own adventure!Make your way through interactive comedy plots in Mister Smith & His Adventures where you decide how the adventure ends. Be clever or dumb, kind or evil, logical or insane the choices are yours and each outcome is unique! Which is more important: your phone or your date? Who would you save: yourself or your cat? What is the capital of France? Oh yes - as well as the storylines there are trivia quizzes! Everybody loves quizzes!If you like books where you make choices and experience what happens as a result, then Mister Smith is the perfect game for you! It's not complicated (assuming you have a working brain) but you control the plot. You're presented with options, you choose one and see the (often hilarious, we promise) consequences of your decisions.Now, let's get to the groundbreaking features:- This game is easy to pick up and play whether you make clever or dumb decisions, kind or evil, logical or insane the choices are yours and each outcome is unique!- Also answer fun trivia questions in quizzes against the clock to earn points and prizes!- Laugh throughout (if you like to laugh, and who doesn't?) at the results of your possibly bizarre actions and decisions.- Make sure you play in appropriate situations - do not read at somebody's funeral, unless you really didn't like the person.- Showcase the amazing results of your actions on Twitter and Facebook, to earn the respect and adulation (cough mockery) of your friends and other people you kind of know on social media but dont often talk to although you would say hi if you saw them but maybe no more than that unless you had to!- Loads of achievements to show your intelligence, ineptitude, maybe even insanity.- We don't think we need this bullet point, so ...
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.08
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.0.3 and up