Karate Girl vs. School Bully-Based on true stories

Poor school girl Sophie has been bullied for too long! Shes got to learn to stand up to the school bully! Hi-YA! Help her user her girl power to become a karate supergirl so she can show her bully whos boss! With you by her side, she could get a black belt and maybe even become Karate Master! No one will dare to call her a nerd anymore unless they want to be karate-chopped!*This fun and educational game was inspired by the continuing battle against the bullying that goes on every day in schools around the world.*Enough is enough! How much bullying can one school girl take?! Sophie has to somehow put a stop to her school bully. When Sophie comes across a flyer advertising a karate class, her life is changed forever. She can now learn how to defend herself against her school bullies! Help Sophie succeed in her karate class and turn into a karate supergirl! Girl power!Features:> Sophie?! Nerd?! Please! Shes about to become a karate supergirl pro! Help Sophie master the art of karate, and use her girl power stand up to her school bully!> Practice with school girl Sophie at the karate dojo yard until she perfects her karate moves and becomes a karate supergirl.> Dress up Sophie in a cool karate uniform. Get her ready to fight! No one calls her a nerd!> Take zen lessons with school girl Sophie, to help her control her temper and understand that karate is not about fighting: its a way of life!> Celebrate with supergirl Sophie at a tea ceremony as she gets new belts and excels in karate.> Get Sophie ready for the big karate tournament, and help her use her girl power to win a medal and a trophy!> First a white belt, then a green belt can you get Sophie all the way to black belt?!> Even bullies have bullies who call them nerds. Help school girl Sophie defend her bully against the older mean kids at school! Girl power!> The Karate Master needs to find someone to take his place. Will Sophie be the one?!
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0.5
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.4 and up