Clicker Tower RPG 2

Just click on the enemy! More and more it becomes stronger!It is a handy role-playing game.While climbing the tower that exists in the world map, while looking for a treasure box, while the level up and money collected to defeat the enemy, while defeat the boss, while looking for the other tower, we will proceed.Combat methods of the enemy, only to tap the enemy.In handy sense of feeling the combined clicker system and hack & slash system, anyone can easily play.Items to retrieve from the treasure box has an effect just have, you can examine the effect from the ITEM menu.How To Play- Enter in by tapping the tower that exists in the world map.- Since there is a treasure chest to the floor in the tower, let's open If you find a treasure chest.- Level up while defeat by tapping the enemy, we will proceed as win strong enemies upstairs.- Floor of the enemy will be resurrected in the REFRESH button.- You can buy a variety of parameters in the money in the shop.- Mystery solving element to look for treasure box is just a little.- When death items and status will be returned to the world map as it is.- By the way, the author likes dot picture.About parameters[HP]It is physical fitness. 0 happens when the game is over.[STR]An attack force. It increases the damage to the increase When the enemy.[DEF]It is a defense force. It reduces the damage from the increase When the enemy.[SPEED]It is agility. You can attack faster than the enemy and increase.[LUCK]It is luck. It makes it easier to critical hit and more.[LEVEL]Is the level. It goes up when the various parameters will increase little by little.[GOLD]It is money. You can various parameters up in the SHOP.[EXP]It is experience. Decremented and defeat the enemy, and level up when it comes to 0.For main items[ENERGY CRYSTAL]HP will recover with the passage of time[ENERGY BOTTLE]HP will be restored at the time of level up[GLOBE]It will be able to attack in the tap and leave[GOLD MAGNET]Increases to obtain it GOLD[EXP MAGNET]Experience value that can be acquired will increase[MEMO]It is a memo that becomes the adventure of tips. Previous adventurer who visited in this world seems to be a note left behind.[PENDANT]It is necessary in order to defeat the flame of the same color[CRYSTAL]I'd like to fit in a place that fits the shape.[KEY]On the first floor of each tower there is a door, is required to open its doors.Because you can play even a little time, enjoy slowly, Please Kill Pochipochi enemy to kill time.By the way, there is ending.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.2
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up