Wild West Cowboy Hunter- Horse Cart Redemption Sim

Story of the Game:Play the best wild west survival hunter cowboy games with horse buggy and horse cart transporter simulation.A gunfighter cowboy and wild west hunter was invited by the Sheriff of the town to clean up the westland from the bandits and robbers. The bounty hunter western cowboy falls in love with the sheriff's daughter Sarah gray and decides to build new west town to live with her new wed. The infamous cowboy gunfighter has a horse some gold, a horse carriage buggy, and a gold treasure box he received as a reward from sheriff of old west town. Now he wants some rest from the rampage of guns, revolvers, gunfights and shootouts in a western island near the old west town. He has already killed all the west mafia and wildland outlaws. This is best wilderness survival training game with horse buggy racing, and horse cart transport to build and craft a new westland town for survival and enjoy the life with sheriff daughter Sarah who was her girlfriend.Construct Your Own West TownPlay the free to play open world western wilderness survival games, ride on the horse, go for two guns shooting and gun hunting the deer and stag for food. Drive your horse cart to the Red Brick store, Stone crusher market, Buy Cement, sandboxes, wood logs and wooden planks from the jungle area woodcutter stores and build your own wild dead town in mafia redemption gunfighter and hunter survival games. This one the best western cowboy game offers a lot of fun of buggy racing simulation, town construction and city management to build your living house, hospitals, cowboy office, cattle sheds and guest houses.Horse Cart Simulation- Western Buggy RideThis horse race simulation and wildland survival game encloses western horse cart transport simulator and bounty hunting training. There are time bound tasks you will need to perform; buy materials from different wildland malls and western markets. Once you have bought and transported all the materials for specific building you will get construction started and within no days a building will be found erected for you.Missions:Build the First House of the town where you will settle with the daughter of west town Sheriff. Use horse cart to Transport building Material. You will be guided by the map to reach to the different Markets to complete the purchase of required materials for constructing and crafting the Modern West Town for you and your girlfriend. After the completion of all the important buildings and structure of the town, you will then go to American Frontier western town and meet the Sheriff for her daughter to get her married bring her in new Settler Town.Cowboy Mr. Westland HistoryMr west from north American cowboy town is an infamous west warrior, he is amazing gunfighter, gun slinging master, a gold hunter by hobby. He comes to wild west mafia town for deliverance and redemption and becomes the savior of the red dead west city town. He fights with bloody western mafia, kills the bandits and Gold robbers, shoots the bounty hunters. He survives in the dust of deserts earns bounty and gold, hunts for diamonds in the western desert. He meets with African American cowboys, encounters the pirates of coastlines in this best gun shooter mafia games.Culture of the GameThis is sandbox styled free to play game with open world of west to explore, hunt and survive. Be the master driver of western village horse carriage transporter in the westland world. Dig for gold and hunt for food with your cowboy guns fighter as a survivor vaquero of wild wild west in this best western game of westerland survival training. Once you complete constructing the western island town; you will have plenty of time for bounty hunting, gold digging, gun fighting with indian cowboys and vaqueros, riding you Arabian horse and enjoy with your girlfriend and wife on horse chariot while travelling to farwest in this western cowboy gunfighter and gunslinger games.
Operating System Android