Save the Deer

Create the best way for your deer by drawing a safe line and help deer reaching home. An interesting addictive puzzle game with physics lines creation in Save the Deer Game. Deer is running in the jungle and you have to draw a safe line which will be work as a path. Many wild animals will try to attack on your deer. You need to create a secure way and save the deer.One of the most addictive and entertaining physics based animal attack game ever made! Innovative path draw and running gameplay that is funny, entertaining and addictive. Draw deer path is a game where you use your skills drawing the way to help the character overcome obstacles in shape of wild animals and survive, taking it to the end of the stage. Overcome challenges as quickly as possible and avoid all animal attacks by drawing safe path which will way through to the home of deer. Solve the all puzzle levels and make high scores.Save the Deer Featuring:- Simple super addictive puzzle game for all ages.- Create tracks with fingers with smooth controls- Draw a safest line for your deer in middle of the jungle which will take it to home safely.- Beware and avoid all wild animals which are ready to attack.- Draw faster and earn maximum scores to unlock more entertainment.
Operating System Android