Gamer ESports Simulator

Join the cybersports league, create your team and become the best!Most people play videogames just for fun, but only the most skillful and persistent ones can start a cybersportsman career.Welcome to Gamer ESports Simulator!- Become a professional esports gamerStart from scratch, earn money and build your fanbase - make your dreams come true!- Improve your living conditionsStart making some money and upgrade your PC, buy some new furniture, hang some posters - make your room a nice place!- Get better every day!Upgrade your stats to get better, make your helpers more useful or decrease the chance of being banned!- Work hard and earn your fame!You can achieve great success only if you are persistent and not afraid of failures!- Cheating can be unsafeYou can always use cheats while playing, but there's always a risk that you'll get banned so try not to push your luck!Start your brilliant career in cyber sports! Become an unmatched pro gamer!
Operating System Android